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This is our line which features a group of girls who go to St. Port Dame Women’s University Middle School. From the 12th series in 2017, the dolls bodies have changed to our newly developed “pureneemo2 emotion body” which has a wide range of movement. Making it easier for lifelike action and unlimited posing. We also have a second line “EX☆CUTE FAMILY” which introduces family members and more friends.

In the early 2000s, SAHRA was first launched only in small numbers to be used as a model for fitting outfits made by AZONE which was a apparel company for doll clothes back then. With our experience and technology, we renewed the line as “SAHRAS’ a la mode” in 2010. This is a line for you to enjoy the spreading colorful everyday life with SAHRA in the center.

Japan collectors line dolls are attracting interest all over the world as well as anime figures. Dolls are playable in many ways such as posing, changing clothes and taking pictures. Azone International is one of the biggest manufactures of collectors’ line fashion dolls in Japan. Azone carries many original doll series, such as our “EX☆CUTE” series, the “SAHRA’s a la mode” which is on going for 18years, and our newest line “Iris Collect” which is a series of inset eyed dolls. We also produce licensed dolls of characters from popular anime and manga. In addition to the dolls, we produce a numerous amount of doll clothes with the motto “Reality for the dolls”, continuously proposing a new life style for you and your doll.

This is one of Azones’ original lines which features dolls with twinkling beautiful inset eyes, expressing their enchantment with twinkling beautiful inset eyes. This line features 3 characters: Noix, who always has her head in a book, Rino, who is attracted to flowers and Kano, who loves making bread.

With the concept “Brining you excitement to make your everyday life a little happy”, this line uses our original body “AZ02”.

This line is based on a story of girls who secretly continue battling with rampant evils. The girls are called “Evil Erasers”. While living ordinary lives, they are secret fighters belonging to the “Evil Eraser Purging Association”. Lilia, the main character of the story takes over the honorary title of the “Black Raven” to wage battles with her fellow “Evil Erasers”. The characters are available in scale 1/12 and 1/3.

This line features Katie, a cheerful girl who dreams of adventure and her brother Neil who always cares for her. This is a story about Katie and her brother Neil and their friends they meet in their adventure in a steam-punk world.

This is a “housemaid fairy” series in scale 1/12 which Picconeemo D body is used. On the bases that they are maids registered in the Purimyure Fariy Association, their job is to help in chores such as leaning, washing and cooking.

“KIKIPOP!” is a new style fashion doll full of “KAWAII”
With bright eyes, chubby cheeks and cute body with big hands and feet,
Moves in in 23 parts makes posing easy and sweet.

“FR Nippon” is a line produced by designer Jason Wu. Dolls in this line represents typical Japanese girls who love fashion. Japans’ latest fashion is captured in this series.

We release more than 20 (including color variation) items for each size every month with a variety of design and materials, including seasonal items, basic costumes and uniforms. Fashion accessories such as shoes, jewelries, and hair bands are also available to match with each doll and dress. Enjoy dressing up your doll as you like.

We produce licensed characters from popular anime into dolls from 1/12 scale to 1/3 scale.

This line is a series of licensed characters in 1/3 scale (50cm) with painted eyes.

This line is a series of licensed characters in 1/3 scale (50cm) with inset eyes.

This line is a series of licensed girl characters in 1/6 scale (23 – 26cm). More than 100 characters have been produced.

This line is a series of licensed boy characters in 1/6 scale and 1/3 scale.

The story takes place in the near future where people are fighting against “HUGE”, tremendous living creatures which suddenly appeared in front of mankind. In order to conquer this undefeatable enemy, people developed a weapon the “CHARM” which showed high synchronization with teenage girls. People soon started calling these “CHARM” users “Lilies”. This line focuses on stories of these girls who bravely fight against “HUGE”.

Azone Label Shop Akihabara
Located on the 7th floor of Radio Kaikan Akihabara Tokyo, is one of the biggest dolls stores in the country with a wide variation of dolls and doll supplies.
We look forward in seeing you in our store.

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